Blackburn Gym


Our Trainer is even more eager to see results than you are.
We will regularly measure your circumference, BMI and compare the before-after photos of you to ensure you are on the right track.
We will make your fitness goal come true together. 
Blackburn Gym


We are so confident in the results and services we provide.
Therefore, we do not need to bind you with a lock-in contract.
Train how you want, where you want and whenever you want.
Blackburn Personal Training


We have more than 10 elite trainers who have been carefully selected by our head coach Eric
Each of them has their own areas of expertise, such as Weight loss, Bodybuilding, Postpartum repair, Sports performance…
Blackburn Personal Training


All personal training clients can use all facilities of the gym for free.
You don’t have to pay extra membership fee.
You can save $15- $30 per week in comparison to other gyms.

Blackburn Gym

Our Personal Trainers

All Our Trainers Are Certified By Fitness Australia

If you are looking for gyms in Blackburn, Hisuper Fitness is a great choice — Blackburn Gym with over 10 elite personal trainers for you to choose from. Efficient personal training programs will be customised specifically for you by our gym experts.

Discover premier fitness facilities at Hisuper Fitness in Blackburn. Our gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment and amenities to meet all your fitness requirements. Backed by certified personal trainers accredited by Fitness Australia, we provide personalised workout plans tailored to your fitness objectives. Join us and experience unparalleled fitness support to reach your goals effectively.
Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our dedicated trainers will provide expert guidance and motivation every step of the way. Join us at Hisuper Fitness and embark on a journey towards a healthier, fitter you!

Eric Huang

– Head coach and founder, Mentor fitness trainer
– 10 years fitness experience
– 300+ clients success body transformations
– Specialise in Weight loss, Hypertrophy and Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Mindset

Joyce Wang

– 5 years fitness experience
– Focusing on female weight loss and toning
– Postnatal recovery expert
– Prenatal conditioning training expert

Richard Huang

– 15 years of experience
– Male and female weight loss and toning
– Healthy lifestyle expert
– Bodybuilding

Jackson Yang

– Weight management expert
– 5 years of experience
– Weight Loss dietary plan
– Cardiopulmonary and endurance training

Chris Din

– Previously a professional basketball player
– Conditioning and performance trainer
– Cardiopulmonary and endurance training
– Rehabilitation

Miao Tan

– 3 years fitness experience
– Specialise in female weight loss and toning
– Postnatal recovery trainer
– Yoga trainer

Kim Ngo

– 3 years of experience
– Female weight loss and toning
– Posture correction
– Ballet coach

Natalie He

– Fat loss expert
– Own experience of losing 25kg in half a year
– Change of bad habits
– Long term healthy lifestyle trainer

Amy Wu

– 4 years fitness experience
– 5 years Pilates yoga experience
– Female fat loss and toning
– Knee & shoulder rehabilitation


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